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Industrial Strainers

Hellan Strainer

Hellan Strainer manufactures a wide range of manual and automatic strainers for industrial applications. Hellan industrial strainers combine reliable filtration with durable construction and innovative designs that allow for fast and easy cleaning and maintenance. With a variety of sizes and configurations available, it’s easy to find the right Hellan industrial strainer for your specific needs.

Fire Protection

Hellan’s fire protection system strainers feature a patented self-cleaning design that eliminates clogged nozzles and unreliable water flow, leaving no doubt that your fire protection system will perform as needed. Hellan Strainers are tested and UL-approved for use in all types of fire protection systems.

Off-Shore Installations

For reliability and dependability in harsh seawater environments, offshore oil rigs and FPSO (floating production, storage, and offloading) vessels count on Hellan’s industrial strainers. They’re used in fire water deluge systems, in fuel filtration, in cooling systems that protect process equipment, and much more.

Oil & Gas

Hellan’s industrial strainers can be used to protect equipment like heat exchangers and pumps, to remove contaminants from process water, to strain water for cooling towers, and in fire protection systems. Hellan Strainers are designed to deliver robust, reliable performance even in the often-harsh working conditions of the petrochemical industry.


Hellan Strainers are used in numerous capacities in marine shipping and cargo applications. They’re used on FPSO (floating production, storage, and offloading) vessels to protect plate and frame heat exchangers; they’re used on cargo ships to cool sonar/radar navigation systems; they’re used on cruise ships to protect stern tube shaft seals. Hellan Strainers deliver superior performance and reliability in any application.


With water that is usually pumped in from lakes and rivers, irrigation water supplies must contend with a wide array of contaminants: pipe rust, sediment, debris, even fish! These contaminants can clog pipelines and damage nozzles. The innovative designs of Hellan Strainer products will minimize the maintenance and repair costs of any irrigation system.

Power Generation

Hellan Strainers are proven effective in all power generation applications: hydroelectric, gas/fossil fuel, nuclear, etc. Hellan’s industrial strainers feature innovative and durable designs that will remove fish, mussels, and other potentially-problematic aquatic creatures, as well as sand and grit, from lake and river water to protect plant equipment.

Steel Mills & Foundries

Hellan Strainer products can be found in blast furnaces, open hearths, continuous casting mills, and other iron and steel plants throughout the world. Used for recirculating water, descaling water, and cooling water, Hellan industrial strainers deliver superior performance in harsh working environments and help reduce maintenance and operational costs.



Hellan Strainer D-Series



Hellan Strainer QA-Series

(20" Bronze Strainer)



Fabricated Simplex Basket Strainer for Seawater Service

(16" Super Duplex Stainless Steel)