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Offshore Fire Protection Procurement


If you need new equipment, materials, or spare parts for your fire protection system, look no further than LEECYN COMPANY, LLC. Our entire inventory of high quality, high performance fire protection products is available for fast shipping, and we can also help you track down discontinued, specialty, or hard to find parts and components. Whatever you’re looking for, we can find—if we can’t find it, it doesn’t exist!

Our procurement service is designed to save you time and money. It’s generally easier and less expensive to add components to an existing purchase order than it is to initiate a new P.O. through another vendor. And tasking us with finding your parts lets you focus on other, more important aspects of your fire protection project.

Whether you’re putting together a brand new fire protection system, or repairing or updating an existing one, we have the parts and components you need. When we receive your inquiry, we will find the best prices and availability and send you a competitive bid, including estimated freight charges. Depending on the size and nature of the goods required, shipping may be via courier, air freight, or sea freight.

From standard Cla-Val, BETE, and Maxseal solenoid valves to rare parts manufactured from specialty materials, LEECYN COMPANY, LLC is your number one source for offshore fire protection procurement. Contact us today to start the procurement process or to learn more.