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Hellan Strainer

Manual & Automatic Strainers

Hellan Strainer’s manual and automatic strainers are UL approved for use in fire protection systems, are manufactured to ISO9001 standards, and meet ASME, CE/PED, and other requirements for industrial and marine environments. All Hellan strainers are 100% American made and American sourced.

Hellan offers a full line of standard strainers, as well as fabricated versions that are built to order to match your specifications. Standard models are available in sizes from 1.5” to 30”; custom fabricated strainers are available in sizes from 4” to 48”. Hellan strainers are manufactured from a variety of high quality materials, including:

  • Nickel aluminum bronze
  • Super duplex stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Cast ductile iron
  • Cast bronze
  • Cast steel
  • Fabricated steel
  • and other materials and alloys


Reliable Water Filtration

Hellan’s self-cleaning, tier-one quality products provide the most reliable water filtration available. Filtration down to the 100-micron level is available.

Instead of trapping solids in a basket that must be removed for cleanouts, the unique design of Hellan strainers remove solids from the water flow without the need to stop the flow or disassemble the unit. Water passes into a strainer and through a screen, while a deflector rib protects against large objects; the screened water flows through for use in the fire protection system. A manually-rotating or motor-actuated wheel moves the screen against a special scraper which deposits debris in the sump where it can be removed during periodic flushing operations.

Hellan Strainer products are ideal for not just fire protection systems, but also industrial applications, hydroelectric dams and power generators, irrigation systems—any application where debris large and small must be removed from large volumes of water.

Please see individual product listings for additional information.

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