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Firewater Strainers

Low Pressure Drop Strainer
Installing a Cla-Val firewater strainer or Hellan firewater strainer is an easy and cost effective way to guard your fire protection system against damage caused by pipeline debris. Durable and dependable, firewater strainers prevent fouling, debris, and particle buildup in system piping and equipment.

Cla-Val Firewater Strainers

Cla-Val firewater strainers are specially engineered for low pressure drop applications. They feature H-style designs with large flow areas, and can be serviced without being removed from the system.

LEECYN COMPANY, LLC offers the full line Cla-Val low pressure drop firewater strainers. Cla-Val firewater strainers are available in both ductile steel and nickel-aluminum-bronze construction for years of dependable performance, even in corrosive offshore/seawater environments. Multiple sizes are available to meet the specifications of your fire protection system.

Please see individual product listings for additional information.

Hellan Firewater Strainers

UL, ABS, & USCG approved Firewater Strainers. American-made Hellan firewater strainers deliver outstanding performance in low pressure drop applications. Featuring innovative designs and available in a range of sizes, there’s a Hellan firewater strainer for every fire protection system.

Leecyn Company offers a huge selection of low pressure drop Hellan firewater strainers. Manufactured in a range of top quality materials, including super duplex stainless steel and cast ductile iron, Hellan firewater strainers are fully self-cleaning thanks to a unique design that removes remove solids from the water flow without the need to stop the system or disassemble the unit.



Please see individual product listings for additional information.

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