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Onshore Fire Protection


LEECYN COMPANY, LLC is a leader in industrial onshore fire protection solutions. Though we specialize in offshore fire protection, all our products can be used in refineries, factories, and other onshore facilities to equal effect. Our fire protection products are especially well-suited to high-corrosion environments such as the USA, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, South East Asia.

Many clients who utilize our offshore services turn to us for fire protection at their land-based facilities, as well, but our onshore fire protection solutions are available for anyone who needs high quality, high performance fire and safety equipment.

Because their location makes it difficult to repair or replace parts, offshore facilities usually require top of the line fire protection components, like Cla-Val deluge valves, that will likely last the life of the structure. However, part repair and replacement is considerably easier in onshore facilities. For these applications, we offer more cost-effective products that will deliver years of reliable performance without blowing your budget.

We also offer engineering services to help you create the perfect, top-to-bottom fire protection system for your location.

Whether you’re a building engineer, architect, or sprinkler contractor, we have the right onshore fire protection products for your needs.

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