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Fire Protection Engineering Services


At Leecyn Company, LLC, we do more than just sell high quality fire protection system products and components. We can also design and engineer a complete, customized fire protection system that matches your exact requirements. From deluge skids and deluge panels to foam systems and more, our custom fire protection solutions consistently exceed customer expectations.

The Fire Protection System Experts

Designing a fire protection system is no easy task, requiring a unique skill set that not all building engineers or architects possess. When you put Leecyn’s fire protection engineering services to work on your project, you can rest assured that your fire protection system will be constructed to meet your specifications and all applicable industry requirements. With our expert team developing your fire protection system, you’re free to concentrate on other important projects.

Your custom engineered fire protection system will be based on your unique parameters. We will use your specifications for capacity, functionality, piping, electrical components, and other key factors to develop the perfect fire protection system for your offshore or onshore facility.

The ultimate goal of Leecyn’s fire protection engineering services is to get every aspect of your fire protection system meets your criteria. All designs are subject to your approval before finalization, and any changes you deem necessary, no matter how large or small, will be incorporated into the design. Upon approval, we will assemble and package system components and deliver them to you, along with final vendor documentation.

We also offer hydraulic calculation services for fire safety systems.

To put our fire protection engineering services to work for your facility, contact LEECYN COMPANY, LLC today.