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Fire Pump Relief, Pressure Relief & Reducing Valves

Pump Start Relief Valve 
Pump Start Relief Valve
Fire Pump Relief Valve with “KOL” Anti-Cavitation Trim UL & ABS Approved

Fire pump relief valves, pressure relief valves and pressure reducing valves are indispensable components of any fire protection system. LEECYN COMPANY, LLC offers UL/ULC listed and FM approved Cla-Val fire pump relief, pressure relief, and pressure reducing valves in a variety of sizes and configurations, including numerous UL/ULC listed and FM approved. Special materials and alloys designed for seawater service, including nickel-aluminum-bronze, super duplex stainless steel, and titanium, are available.

KOL Anti-Cavitation Trim

The Cla-Val KOL seat is designed to allow high pressure differential flow conditions while reducing the damaging effects of cavitation. The one-piece, dual-stage seat design of the Cla-Val KOL anti-cavitation trim reduces cavitation damage, noise, and vibration.

KOL seats are available in valve sizes 2” through 10”, in both globe and angle patterns. Available in 316 stainless steel and Monel; super duplex stainless steel and other specialty materials available upon request.

Cla-Val's 50B4KG-1 fire pump relief valves equipped with KOL anti-cavitation seats are UL listed. The KOL seat is also offered as a kit for retrofitting existing Cla-Val valves.

Cla-Val Quality

Cla-Val fire pump relief, pressure relief and pressure reducing valves provide accurate pressure control for industrial fire protection systems. These pilot operated valves are designed to accommodate a wide range of flow rates, and open and close quickly to maintain steady pressure throughout the system.  Designed for superior reliability and easy maintenance, Cla-Val fire protection valves deliver reliable, accurate performance in even the toughest applications.

Cla-Val fire pump relief, pressure relief, and pressure reducing valves are poured and cast in Newport Beach, California, and are 100% made in the USA. Please see individual product listings for additional information.

Request a quote on valves for your fire protection system, contact LEECYN COMPANY, LLC to learn more.

Seawater Pressure Relief Valve w/ test connections

Model 50-20KO Anti-Cavitation Pressure Relief Valve<